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Since its establishment in 1984, Bluenotes remains one of Canada's leading denim retailers. We currently operate 125 stores in Canada. Our online store www.blnts.com has recently crossed over the border and launched US shipping in November '09.

Our distinct brand of retailing focuses on denim as the standard, and hoodies, graphic tees, polos, tanks and others as wardrobe essentials. Our mandate will always be to service the casual, yet fashionable lifestyle of our customers by offering top quality clothing and great deals.

Product Philosophy

OUR ROOTS ARE IN DENIM: Denim is the foundation of our company and our customer's wardrobe. Our knowledge in denim has made it possible to deliver the latest fits, washes and fabrics in the best quality to our customers.

SERVICE THE WHOLE LIFESTYLE: With denim as the base, our mandate is to style our customer's casual lifestyle, providing trendy, comfortable, and bright wardrobe essentials as part of our assortments.

Bluenotes strives to provide our customers with un-paralleled quality and value. Bluenotes is committed to delivering great customer service and our priorities reflect our customer's enthusiasm for youth and individuality. Be Yourself!

Community Involvement

Since 1997 Bluenotes has been a proud and major sponsor for Kids Help Phone, raising more than $1.3 million throughout its years of involvement.

Bluenotes has helped raise money for Kids Help Phone through their holiday gift box campaign. The gift box campaign was introduced in 1999 and each year these customized boxes are sold in stores for $1 with all proceeds going towards the Kids Help Phone.

Bluenotes looks forward to their continued involvement with Kids Help Phone and the contribution from our customers and employees in ensuring kids across Canada are getting the advice and help they deserve.